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I didn't see this listed on the books page so here it is. I'm currently in an introductory Solid State course, and we are using Kittel's book. I have been having a rough time with this book although I am starting to get used to it as we get farther in. What are good introductory solid state books?

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@DavidZ This question is definitely not a duplicate of the cited question. That question is about books more advanced than Ashcroft and Mermin. This question is about books on the level of Kittel. –  garyp Mar 26 at 13:42
@garyp hm... okay, though we do have a lot of recommendation questions on solid state/condensed matter physics already. I'm surprised this isn't a duplicate of one of them. –  David Z Mar 26 at 14:42
@TylerHG use Ashcroft, it's not perfect but it's usable. –  silvrfück Mar 26 at 15:10
@silvrfuck If Kittel is rough going, Ashcroft isn't likely to be an improvement. I wish I could help, but Kittel is my go-to book for introductory stuff. It's well written IMO. –  garyp Mar 26 at 17:10
I think "Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics" from Antonio H. Castro Neto can be really helpful. It has better description and a simple and familiar notation. It also cover from basic concepts to more advanced ones like superconductivity. You can also check out "B Singh. Optical Properties of Condensed Matter and Applications". It's more specific but i really enjoy studying it. Have fun with it! –  Abolfazl May 27 at 18:16

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I think the “condensed matter physics” written by Michael Marder is a good one. The book is well writen and talks a lot about physics. He also have his lecture notes and syllabus onhiswebsite. You can start learning following his syllabus.

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