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Cooper pairs are one of the models how superconductivity is explained.

What still baffles me is how a vibration of the crystal lattice (the so-called phonon) can interact with the electron (an actual particle), in such a way that it then creates a coupled pair with an other electron...

What is the explanation for this behaviour? What is the maths behind it?

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Even though the mathematics behind superconductivity must be fiendishly complex, I find that the mechanism behind it can be expressed with surprising clarity in very simple terms. –  Nicolau Saker Neto Feb 26 at 23:14
Might be a good idea, it would possibly get a good answer over there. –  tschoppi Feb 27 at 21:27
Well, why don't you have a look at the source: the BCS paper. –  Alexander Mar 8 at 0:24

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