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What is the current record number of entagled qubits and how has this number been increased?

The latest result on stack exchange, which is 3 years old, reports 14 via this post: How many stabilised qubits have been achieved in Quantum Computing?

in accord with this paper:

For the purposes of this post, I'd prefer to leave the D-Wave computers out of the answers.

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This is not an answer to either of your four specific questions, but this recent paper achieved, if I am not mistaken, record single-qubit and two-qubit gate fidelities. – Juan Miguel Arrazola Mar 7 '14 at 19:35
This is also not an answer to your question, and I couldn't (yet) find a reference with more than 14, but Rainer Blatt himself told in a lecture I've seen that they can hold up to 40 qubits in the trap. I haven't asked him how many of them they can entangle with good enough control, but I'm sure he'd answer "If I want to, all of them.". Let's say he is a very incisive person... I'd try searching in his publications (the most recent involving circuits might be promising). – Vendetta Oct 30 at 18:27

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